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D1 & Only Martial Arts Academy
3385 Deer Valley Road
Antioch, CA 94531

Business Hours:
Mon-Thur 4pm-9pm
Friday 4pm-7pm
Saturday 9am-11am

“My family and I have been with this school for over 10 years. The master instructor, Master Tim Calvin, is a great teacher for both adults and kids. He is patient, but firm. He focuses on your strong points and understands if you have physical limitations. (I have a bad knee, for example, so he will alter whatever needs to be altered during the workout so I don’t get injured, but still get a good workout.) His curriculum is very practical and real-world, using techniques for stand-up fighting and ground fighting alike. His son and daughter have also grown up in the school and are following in their father’s footsteps. This school is definitely worth your time.”

Susan Tse

“This literally is the one and only martial arts school you want to attend.”

Janet Arce

“Looking for a great place for you or your child/children to take Karate/Self Defense? There is a great place in Antioch called D-1 & Only Martial Arts Academy, Inc. They feature anti-bullying, women’s self-defense, children’s ID cards, etc. They are great with everyone, especially children. They are the nicest, most respectful teachers, and they teach their students to have the same respect for everyone.”

Eriq-Hayles H.

“D 1 & Only Martial Arts is a wonderful place to get in shape. The instructors are amazing. So much time is taken to ensure each student masters necessary skills to advance.”

Deanna Anderson

“This place has changed my baby girl.. she’s disciplined and her listening skills are phenomenal now. She’s doing so much better in school, and her self-esteem is through the roof!!! Thanks guys – I love you guys for the amazing family team you are…”

Leticia Shetler

Developing Life Champions

We provide a comprehensive self-defense program that makes a positive impact on our students’ lives