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Message of the Month – “Perseverance – Never Give Up”

//Message of the Month – “Perseverance – Never Give Up”

Message of the Month – “Perseverance – Never Give Up”

“Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win” – we all go through difficulties in life. There will always be challenges for us to deal with, but it’s what we do when the challenges and difficult times come that determine and define who and what we are. Are you a “Winner” or are you a “Quitter”? Winners never give up. Perseverance is not just a word to them. They keep on fighting, they keep moving forward and persevering until they win. Quitters on the other hand, give up as soon as things get tough. They will never know what it’s like to win, because they didn’t give themselves a chance. They throw in the towel and give up on themselves. Please, choose today to be a “Winner” not a “Quitter”. Persevere!


– Master Tim Calvin –