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Split-Second Response Martial Art

At Split-Second Response Martial Art, we're committed to providing an individualized experience for each and every person who walks through our doors. We're building young students up with tailored martial arts training, professional character development, and a focus on helping our students find success for all aspects of life.

Our adult training is the perfect blend of fitness, self-defense, and incredible support. We're helping people of all fitness levels stay active and have fun challenging themselves. We offer weapons-based self-defense, real-world training strategies, and hands-on coaching every step of the way.

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I and my family have been with this school for over 10 years. The master instructor, Sifu Tim Calvin, is a great teacher for both adults and kids. He is patient, but firm. He focuses on your strong points and understands if you have physical limitations (I have a bad knee, for example, so he will alter whatever needs to be altered during the workout so I don't get injured, but still get a good workout). His curriculum is very practical and real-world, using techniques for stand-up fighting and ground fighting alike. His son and daughter have also grown up in the school and are following in their father's footsteps.

This school is definitely worth your time.

Kids Martial Arts in Antioch

Susan Tse

Amazing place that is honestly such a family feel. They not only teach self defense but they focus on respect and how to live it everyday. They are so encouraging to the children and help build them. It reminds me of the old saying “it takes a village...”. I’m ecstatic that D1 is part of our village!

Kids Martial Arts in Antioch

Beth Reifel Bow

Highly recommend D1& Only! they are family oriented and the best people. if you want to be a part of something great this place is for you my kids have grown with them and we should have more caring people like them in our community, they are not all about money -- they invest in your children and their futures!

They are great mentors!

Kids Martial Arts in Antioch

Hope Stephen

Great place to learn and teach the kids skills and manners and teach em how to grow up and defend them selves..nothing but love from the owners and they care about you and your family and are always respectful with anybody that shows up to either watch or join the class..I recommend to anyone that wants to learn from some bad a** blackbelts and teachers that want you to win and your kid to!!

Kids Martial Arts in Antioch

Jose Buitrago

Love this place. My son has been going to this school for a little over a year. He love the school. Love Sifu Tim and Mrs Tammy and there children. Beautiful family and the school treats everyone like one big family. Would not go anywhere else. Great instructors and excellent program. Great asset to the community.

Kids Martial Arts in Antioch

Luna Miller-Parker

I love the program not only is my son learning how to protect himself he is building confidence. The staff is amazing.

Kids Martial Arts in Antioch

Londa Emery-Cutshaw

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